And Do the Bioethicists Understand Enough of the Science?

To be well-versed in how a discovery might impact society or a particular individual, bioethicists need to comprehend the discovery. It is hard to say how much science or technology they need to master. The more complex the discovery, the better an understanding helps in informing a solution. In the privacy sphere understanding the basicsContinue reading “And Do the Bioethicists Understand Enough of the Science?”

Bioethics as Interdisciplinary, for Better or for Worse

Bioethics is de facto interdisciplinary in nature. Scientists and those in medicine, etc. engage in behavior that, where relevant, reflects their social norms and moral code. The impact of scientific discovery on society (even on those who do not actively use the discovery) is often deliberated by the bioethics community. Philosophers, thinkers, and lawyers haveContinue reading “Bioethics as Interdisciplinary, for Better or for Worse”

Critical Thinking, Considerations, and an Inclusive Approach

The material on this website is geared toward people who have an interest in bioethics, are familiar with topics and arguments within the field, and have an interest in examining broader considerations. Some sections that discuss prominent reasoning assume familiarity with basic arguments. Many articles and books were chosen to provide readers with an understandingContinue reading “Critical Thinking, Considerations, and an Inclusive Approach”

Value of Analyzing Stakeholders: What is at Stake?

Stakeholder analysis is necessary because in bioethics sometimes the voice of the powerful (often Big Science, Tech, and Pharma, or doctors and hospitals) overpowers the voice of the vulnerable yet the vulnerable may be the ones a decision affects more deeply. In my work on parental refusals, I note that the parents live with after-effectsContinue reading “Value of Analyzing Stakeholders: What is at Stake?”

Adding to Bioethical Analysis

Welcome to Modern Bioethics. I have pulled together articles and books covering broad topics to demonstrate the methods and frameworks in place for analyzing traditional and new issues in bioethics. I also highlight the shortfalls of some known frameworks and offer inclusive frameworks or necessary add-ons in some cases. By curating a collection that includesContinue reading “Adding to Bioethical Analysis”