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Anne Zimmerman, JD, MS, CIPP-US, Founder, Modern Bioethics; Chair, New York City Bar Association Bioethical Issues Committee; Editor-in-Chief, Voices in Bioethics (Columbia University journal and podcast); Consultant, MyBioethics technology-based bioethics learning tool; Co-Chair, Bioethics Forum in partnership with the Collaborative for Palliative Care. Her prior experience includes corporate governance, criminal justice reform, and nutrition with a focus on policy surrounding access to a healthy food supply. https://www.linkedin.com/in/anneszimmerman/ https://modernbioethics.com/publications/ (publications)


Modern Bioethics is simply a blog and website designed to promote critical thinking and common sense in the bioethics arena and to challenge the bioethics status quo. The learning modules include frameworks to promote reasoning, critical thinking, and may challenge some current views and practices. As an exercise to humbly promote thinking, the lessons and blog posts often do not offer conclusions. They focus on analysis. These lessons and the factors, considerations, and reasoning, are theoretical foremost.


Nothing on this website is meant to convey legal or medical advice. This website is for promoting thinking, learning, entertainment, and information. Relationships with readers do not comprise an attorney-client relationship. Despite significant efforts to avoid errors, it is possible that the website contains errors or mistakes.

For full disclosure, I am the parent of a five-time cancer survivor. Where relevant, some of the person-centered and dignity approaches might reflect my experiences and my mission to ensure that the voice of the disenfranchised or less powerful has a place in the ethical landscape.

All blog posts, lessons, quizzes, infographics, and other written materials created for this website are subject to copyright under creative commons CC-BY-NC. Credit must be given to the creator and only noncommercial uses of the work are permitted (unless expressly authorized).